2013年    ※during tenure of CLIMAT

Fusion of Japanese and Indonesian values


This project is for condominiums in Jakarta, Indonesia.

the color scheme for public restoration housings in Kahoku area, Ishinomaki-city.

Prior to this project, we visited urban districts as well as the area keeping complex of traditional architecture, and researched the feature, culture and city color. And then, as the guidelines for the future projects in Jakarta, we created three guide books “Research”, “Core Concept” and “Design Code”.

We are in charge of development of design concept and appearance design. As we tried to graft Japanese values onto Indonesian culture, climate and values, configured the concept as “Water”. This project is still ongoing with exterior-interior-landscape planning offices partnership.


  • Location Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Client Tokyu Land Indonesia
  • Type Residential / commercial
  • Architects Tokyu Sekkei Architects & Engineers
  • Landscape Ishikatsu Exterior Co, Ltd.
  • Construction Obayashi Corporation
  • Our roles CLIMAT : Concept / Exterior color planning
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