What is Color Telling ?


It is a service that visualizes the individuality of the region through research, design, and management specialized in “color” and shares stories.

Are you worried about the color of the building?

Reduce the cost and increase building value.


Color Telling is a service that combines a good environment creation perspective with a branding perspective. We are aiming for a balance between the two, rather than “harmonious with the region” or “expression of individuality”. In order to share goals among stakeholders, we provide easy-to-understand stories and practical solutions from color management in the field.

What we think about color planning

Passing a diverse urban environment to the next generation through color planning

The world is experiencing a rapid increase in urban development as the urban population increases. If you visit several cities under development in Asia, many of the buildings are made up of industrial products such as glass and metal panels, with a homogeneous look.

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In exchange for the new townscape, the villages and townscapes originally built on the land have disappeared. There is no longer a memory of a lovely landscape in a local culture. In recent years, it has become increasingly common to hear words such as “city branding” and “Civic Pride”. This is the theme of how to perceive regional characteristics in order to realize a sustainable society.

Is it difficult to pass on local stories to new urban development? Aiming to achieve both the wave of urbanization and the succession of locality, we have found possibilities in “color”. Colors are less likely to incur new construction costs, and a limited amount of investment has the power to bring out the appeal of the region.

“Color Telling” is a service of color planning that has been improved in accordance with the needs of the times, based on the knowledge cultivated in many color plans in Japan and overseas. Using video, the color concept that connects the local history and the future is communicated in an easy-to-understand manner. Color management using quantitative numerical data streamlines design, and simulation technology using CG and VR facilitates consensus building in the festival. We will take on the diverse urban environment to the next generation through our color plans.


3 reasons to be selected


It is a color plan that is often regarded as “sense”, but in fact most of it can be logically assembled. An effective color plan can generate momentum throughout the project. Here are three benefits of using Color Telling.


You can answer “Why is this color?”
by a story

In planning with high public interest, the key point is how to build consensus. Color Telling gives a clear story to the “color plan” that has been perceived sensuously, and promotes sharing of consciousness among stakeholders. The materials we propose are researched daily to make it easy for everyone to understand.


Build an easy way
to use color system

In large-scale plans, there are increasing opportunities for color plans that conform to color standards. Color Telling interprets the upper level plan and builds a color system according to the form of the building. You can also achieve smooth progress by logically organizing the color relationships.


Increase value
while having a cost-conscious

In order to realize a high quality color environment, numerical color management and simulation using VR are performed from the planning stage. We sometimes develop materials and we will provide detailed support until the completion of the work, such as adjusting the colors and materials associated with VE / CD.


Color Telling is involved in urban landscape guidelines and redevelopment planning from the perspective of environmental color planning. In recent years, there has been an increasing need for creating systems and consensus building in large-scale plans. We provide various services to convey the appeal of local brands and regions in the global development of homogenized world.

Exterior color planning

We are designing the colors of various facilities in Japan and overseas.

  • Re-development plan
  • Color guidelines
  • housing complex
  • Public facilities
  • Commercial facility
  • Others

The flow of service

Step 1


Planning Overview, other materials such as drawing…

Step 2

Confirmation Of The Higher-Level Plan

Local governments to consider what direction prope…

Step 3

Site Reconnaissance

Without deciding the color as a hobby preferences,…

Step 4

Color Design Concept

Since color is across all areas, both architecture…

Step 5

Construction Of Color Scheme

By reducing the building materials in the abstract…

Step 6

Study Of Color Design

Consider the color design along the building of th…

Step 7

Material Collection And Detail Study Of

Collect a sample of the Chakukakushu building mate…

Step 8

Color Scheme Specification Figure

Make a color indication of each site at the Chakui…

Step 9

Adjustment Of The Construction Stage

When the resulting changes, VE · CD response and a…


A variety of visualization that lead to consensus Please leave

✔  Color guidelines
✔  Consulting
✔  Color workshop
✔  Materials development
✔  Seminars
✔  Writing, contributed
✔  Research
✔  Visualization



Cotona is a design studio that nurtures a culture through the design. The aim of realizing a sustainable society, targeting companies and government agencies and other various organizations, offers design solutions. Place making the (hard), and specializes in design obtained by multiplying a mechanism making the (soft), by crossing grasp a plurality of regions, it has achieved a flexible problem-solving.

Color Telling's vision

“I take over the urban environment in which diversity in the next generation by color planning”


片岡 照博 Teruhiro Kataoka

Minato-ku, landscape Advisor / color planners
COTONA Inc. Representative Director / Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Part-time lecturer

Born in Tokyo. After graduated architecture and urban design, and working through the interior design office, from 2003, Started working with Yoshida Shingo an Environment colorist. Same year、creative studio COTONA was started. Various kinds of design included Accessory・Graphics・Interior・Architecture・Urban planning was activated. In 2015, become a CEO of COTONA Inc., and in recent years, using management design for practice on Corporate branding and Urban planning.


2002 Kogakuin University Department of Architecture graduate
2003 Waseda University Art School city Department of Design Graduation
2003 – 2016 Co., Ltd. Climat belongs
2003 – COTONA activities start
2015 – Corporation Cotona founded Representative Appointed to the Board in
2011 – 2016 Metropolitan University Tokyo lecturer
2017 – Shizuoka University of art and culture lecturer
2019 – Minato-ku, landscape Advisor


Architectural Institute of Japan Design Award・Tajima Encouragement Award / Waseda University Urban design course Graduation design work first prize / Architectural Environment Design Competition honorable / GOOD DESIGN AWARD / GOOD PAINTING COLOR BEST AWARD / IDA Design Award Bronze prize and more…


Building finishing technology 2018.51 (Kobunsha), architect 2016.5 (Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Architects Association Federation) modern architecture 2011.1 (modern architecture, Inc.), etc.

【On stage Lecture, etc.】

Metropolitan University Tokyo / Shibaura Institute of Technology / Tokyo University of Foreign Studies / Shizuoka literary University

“JLAU be required for the special session 2017” Landscape Architecture “,” 2017.6

“JIA Shibuya CHITCHATTING” 2016.7

“AKITEN DESART & DESSERT” 2014.8, etc.

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