Q : Which timing should I request?

  • In many cases, requests are made at the time of basic design, but there are also cases in which the voice is asked during the implementation design stage. If the shape of the building has not been finalized, we will advise you on a shape with a higher chromatic effect.

Q : How are field surveys conducted? Can you witness me?

  • Usually, field reconnaissance is performed by visual colorimetry using color charts. We can also visit the site together with you.

Q : Do I need to find a sample here?

  • If you can tell us the specifications, we will arrange for each manufacturer. Please provide samples when using special building materials.

Q : Is the manufacturer limited?

  • Any manufacturers can respond.

Q : I want to hold a workshop.

  • We will also organize lectures and workshops. Please feel free to contact us.

Q : I am not confident in explaining to the company.

  • The proposed material has a story structure, so anyone can talk about the colors if they can be used as they are. We also produce concept books and videos upon request.

Q : Can you participate in the meeting and give a presentation?

  • We will adjust the schedule and participate.

Q : Can I request overseas properties?

  • You can also request overseas projects. Please feel free to contact us.

Q : It is a large-scale repair, but there is no drawing at that time.

  • We’re sorry. We do not draw drawings, so please provide CAD data (DXF format).

Q : Can I request interior design?

  • You can also request an interior along with the exterior. Please feel free to contact us.