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ColorTelling is


Color Telling is a service that help increases the value of the urban environment by displaying regional stories through research, design and management specializing in "colors".

Handing over the diverse urban environment to the next generation

An urban development in the world

The world is experiencing rapid urban development as the population of the city increases. When we visited cities in Asian countries, many buildings were built from industrial products such as glass and metal panels and we were able to see the streets with the same appearance.


In exchange for the new city landscape The village and the town landscape created on that land have disappeared. There is no longer any memory of the beautiful landscape in the local culture.

Future urban development utilizing locality

In recent years, it has become more common to hear words such as "City Branding" and "Civic Pride". This is the concept of regional character recognition to realize a sustainable society.

Is it difficult to convey local stories to the development of new cities? While there is a goal for both a wave of urban expansion and succession, we find the possibility of a "color plan". Paint is less likely to have new construction costs and has the power to attract Interest in the region with limited investment.
In addition to the new development, the "color planning" is also effective when renovating by painting new exterior walls.

“Color Telling” is a service that has been improved in accordance with the needs of the times, based on the knowledge cultivated through numerous color plans in Japan and overseas. The color concepts that connect the local history with the future are communicated in an easy-to-understand manner, and colors management is effective with quantitative data. In addition, the use of CG and VR simulation technology will help to create a smooth consensus. We will bring diverse urban environments to the next generation with our color plans.


Are you worried about the color of the building?

Color telling is an answer


Coloring is a service that combines a good environment creation perspective with a branding perspective. We aim to achieve both harmony with the local community and expression of individuality. In order to share goals among stakeholders, we provide practical solutions, including easy-to-understand stories and color management in the field.

3 reasons to be selected


Color schemes are often thought of as "sense", but in reality most of them can be logically constructed. Effective color planning can create impetus for the entire project. Here are three advantages of using color telling.


You can answer “ Why this color ? ”
by a story

In a highly public interest plan, how to reach consensus is an important point. Color-telling gives a clear story to the "color scheme" that was previously perceived by the senses, and promotes sharing of awareness among stakeholders. We are researching every day so that the proposed materials can be expressed in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.


Build an easy way
to use colors system

In recent years, large-scale plans are increasingly required to have color plans that comply with the color standards. For color telling, the upper level plan is read, and a color system is constructed according to the distribution plan and the form of the building. A smooth progression is achieved by logically organizing color relationships early in the project.


Increase value
while having a cost-conscious

In order to realize a high quality color environment, numerical color management and simulation using VR are performed from the planning stage. We sometimes develop materials and we will provide detailed support until the completion of the work, such as adjusting the colors and materials associated with VE / CD.


In addition to the color design of the redevelopment plan, Color telling offers various services to convey the appeal of urban brands and regions. We also plan and operate workshops as a means of consensus building in town development.

Exterior color planning

Providing color plans for over 300 buildings

  • Re-development plan
  • Color guidelines
  • housing complex
  • Public facilities
  • Commercial facility
  • Others

The flow of service

Step 1



Aside from the plan outline, diagram, drawings, etc., please tell us about the brand vision and the business plan that you are aiming for.

Step 2

Check The High-Level Plan


We confirm what kind of direction the local government considers for scenery formation of target area and formulates medium-term and long-term plan

Step 3

Site Reconnaissance


Do not pick up colors randomly, In objective decisions, we collect quantitative color data using numeric values.

Step 4

Color Design Concept


Generate ideas that can be shared with the architecture and landscape design because colors are cover all areas.

Step 5

Construction of Color Scheme


By reducing building materials to abstract color charts, we grasp color harmony and aim for numerical control.

Step 6

An analysis of Color Design


Examine color designs according to the form of the building, and simulate colored elevations, models, 3D CG, etc.

Step 7

Material Collection and Detail Consideration


Collect samples of various building materials. Check details such as tile patterns, widths, joints and colors.

Step 8

Color Scheme Definition Diagram


Introduce the color of each section regarding color enhancement and fill in the area ratio of the base colors and stressed point colors for presentation.

Step 9

Adjustment of The Construction Stage


When changes occur, we will respond to the VE / CD before/after construction and final confirmation.


✔  Color guidelines
✔  Consulting
✔ Color workshop
✔ Materials development
✔ Seminars
✔ Writing, contributed
✔ Research
✔ Visualization



Cotona is a design studio that cultivates a natural features through design. We aim to create a sustainable society by offering design solutions for companies, government agencies and other organizations. The company specializes in design that combines the location (hard) and the mechanism (soft), and realizes flexible problem solving by grasping multiple areas across the board.


片岡 照博 Teruhiro Kataoka

Minato-ku, landscape Advisor / color planners
COTONA Inc. Representative Director / Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Part-time lecturer

Born in Tokyo. After graduated architecture and urban design, and working through the interior design office, from 2003, Started working with Yoshida Shingo an Environment colorist. Same year、creative studio COTONA was started. Various kinds of design included Accessory・Graphics・Interior・Architecture・Urban planning was activated. In 2015, become a CEO of COTONA Inc., and in recent years, using management design for practice on Corporate branding and Urban planning.


2002 Kōgakuin University Department of Architecture graduate
2003 Waseda University Art School Urban Design Graduation
2003 – 2016 belongs Co., Ltd. Climat
2003 – COTONA activities start
2015 – Founded COTONA Inc.
2011 – 2016 Metropolitan University Tokyo lecturer
2017 – Shizuoka University of art and culture lecturer
2019 – Minato-ku, landscape Advisor


Architectural Institute of Japan Design Award・Tajima Encouragement Award / Waseda University Urban design course Graduation design work first prize / Architectural Environment Design Competition honorable / GOOD DESIGN AWARD / GOOD PAINTING COLOR BEST AWARD / IDA Design Award Bronze prize and more…


Building finishing technology 2018.51 (Kobunsha), architect 2016.5 (Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Architects Association Federation) modern architecture 2011.1 (modern architecture, Inc.), etc.

【On stage Lecture, etc.】

Metropolitan University Tokyo / Shibaura Institute of Technology / Tokyo University of Foreign Studies / Shizuoka literary University

“JLAU be required for the special session 2017” Landscape Architecture 2017.6

“JIA Shibuya CHITCHATTING” 2016.7

“AKITEN DESART & DESSERT” 2014.8, etc.

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